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Calito Prom, Bridesmaid & Bridal Dresses

At Calito we believe that landscape and culture influence uniquely the form and quality of a designer's vision. The members of our design team, Southern European in origin, have lived in Canada and the United States long enough to be swayed by the special beauty and rhythms of the New World as much as the Old. Calito has thus inherited the best of both worlds, and this is reflected in bridesmaid dresses, evening gowns, prom & bridal gown creations that blend the subtle contours and tones of the Castillian countryside in August, with the wintry chiaroscuros of French Canada and the resplendence of the American midwest in May. Our melange of fabrics, choice of colors, simple elegance of line, and particularly the unique influence of ancestral and adopted countryside, transforms every Calito dress into an aesthetic experience.
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